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Joyful Disciple Witness

June 16, 2019

Michael Adelizzi

Why am I a follower of the Lord Jesus?
I am a follower of the Lord Jesus because he is unconditional in his love of me.  While I was like many fellow Catholics who are asleep, I have been reawakened which has deeply enriched my life.  For years I had a part-time faith - coming to church at Easter and Christmas but spending the rest of my life pushing through life,  confronting one challenge after another without the anchor of Jesus Christ to guide me.  But then at an Easter mass several years ago, Jesus sent me Father Mario and his homily. I knew at that point it was time to wake up. 

Today, I am anchored and have a deeper sense of purpose by which to live my life following the Lord Jesus.

How do I Follow Him?
I follow him by worshiping in church and volunteering as an usher and other public ways of giving to others. But more than the outward ways, I follow him through more private and personal ways such as attending early morning weekday masses, which are quieter and More serene times to talk with the Lord. More importantly, when it’s quiet I work hard at trying to listen and watch for the ways that the Lord answers my prayers, not by big and bold displays, but rather in the small and subtle ways that I have to be still to hear. And I try to emulate in my life the kind, forgiving and giving ways that Jesus lived his life. I need to work more on this.


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