The Online Giving Fair

Volunteers with laptops will be in the Narthex after all Masses the weekends of January 26 - 27 and February 2 - 3, to assist anyone interested in setting up an online giving account. Security will be of utmost importance as each participant will be able to set up their username, password and payment information with privacy provided. Please take advantage of this unique opportunity. (Don’t forget: You will need to bring your credit card or bank routing number and account number with you.)


     For All Joyful Givers - The Stewardship Of Treasure
And Online Giving

  Why should I choose online giving?

  • Save the time and expense of writing checks or dealing with cash
  • Coincide donations to match your pay period
  • Credit card donations can accumulate miles or cash bonuses
  • Contribution amounts can be easily adjusted
  • Bank account information, if direct bank donations are made, goes into a secure Online Giving site
  • Your stewardship continues even if you are away or unable to attend Mass



What is Discovery? - Discovery is an overnight retreat that takes place at St. Walter. It is run by teens, for teens. We have great activities, food, fun and faith. It is an awesome opportunity to get to know others who share your faith. There is a Mass--presided by Fr. Jim Olofson, reconciliation, adoration, skits, praise and worship, teen talks and gym time.

Who can attend? - Discovery is open to all high schoolaged teens.

Is there a cost? - The cost is $35.00 which covers all food, activities and a t-shirt.

How do i register? - See the parish webiste for more information and a permission slip.  Contact Tom Hollatz for more information: thollatz@stwalterchurch.com


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Saturday 9:00 AM and 3:30 PM. You may also call 630-894-2461 x3002 to make an appointment with a priest.

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January 20, 2019 - 9:00 am
2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Fr. Clive

"Serving Mission"
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Solemnity of Mary
January 1, 2019

Church in Latin America
January 26-27

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