Joyful Disciple of the Week

February 17, 2019


Marty Lupou

“Helping Others Find Their Way to Jesus has 
Helped Keep my Faith Strong”

Why am I a follower of the Lord Jesus?
I am a follower of our Lord Jesus for two reasons. First being raised in the Catholic faith and second, being a student at St. Walter School. I have been a part of the St. Walter community since I was in preschool. Father Mac, Father Guiney and all of my teachers at St. Walter School helped shape my faith. They made me the follower I am today by teaching me about the love, understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.

How do I follow Him?
I follow Jesus by leading, that is, by leading others to Him. I am an adult volunteer for the St. Walter Youth Ministry. Helping others find their way to Jesus, just like those who taught and led me, has helped keep my faith strong. Working with teens also brings me great joy.  Helping teens to know Christ in their everyday lives is a simple way I can focus on following Christ myself.  Leading others to know him has a special side effect.  It keeps me focused on my own path toward knowing Christ.



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