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November 18, 2018

Wayne Domke

Why am I a follower of the Lord Jesus?
I am a joyful follower of Christ because I had a mid-life conversion from a rudderless life to a life of joy and purpose. I am saved through grace and I accept that promise with all my heart.  Alpha at St. Walter re-ignited my passion to serve.

How do I follow Him?
I follow Christ by doing what I believe He tells me to do and I work for Him in ways the Bible tells me are His.  At the end of my life, I want to hear, “well done my good and faithful servant.”

Dreams Realized

On Tuesday, November 6th, a presentation was made to the Diocese of Joliet asking approval of our plans to continue construction of the second phase of our Early Childhood Learning Center. Our plans were approved!

Construction of the 3-4 year old preschool structure will begin next spring. The diocesan building committee has also requested that a secure corridor connecting the Mac Center to St. Frances Hall be constructed as part of this building phase.

It is due to your generosity and prayers that these long held dreams are becoming a reality. So much has already been accomplished. The new kindergarten welcomed students this fall. Our worship space was refreshed. We will soon see the completion of the Early Childhood Center and finally the remodeling of the Guiney Center. God is good and his love for us shows through you.

The Serving by Changing and Growing Mission Campaign will come to an end December 31, 2018. I thank all who partnered in this campaign, and invite others who still wish to make a two-year pledge to do so at this time. Contact the Mission committee at serving@stwalterchurch to received a call with details and for answers to any questions. In addition, the Walk of Prayer paver program can still be part of any new pledge.

We are blessed !
Fr. Mario






Through the generosity and love of all the Joyful Disciples of St. Walter Parish, the Giving Tree will touch 16 different organizations and approximately 1,300 people in need. As we begin the Holiday Season, please remember that, as a Catholic Christian Community, we are called to help those whose needs are greater than our own.

As has been our tradition, Giving Trees will be set up in the Narthex and ornament tags will be available beginning Thanksgiving Day. Our trees will be brightly decorated with ornament tags that contain names and gift suggestions.  Please take time after Mass to browse the trees and select a tag or two. The generosity and support of our parish community over the years has been extraordinary; please continue to lend your support this year. With the many blessings that God has bestowed upon us, let us take the time to reflect on the needs of those less fortunate.

The Giving Tree supports people in our St. Walter Parish family and local communities including but not limited to the following organizations: Marklund Home, Catholic Charities, PADS, Educare, Humanitarian Service Project, Daybreak, Phil’s Friends, Alden Village, Circle of Hope Fund, Stepping Stones, St. Vincent DePaul, Hines Hospital, Waterleaf/Mom to Mom, and Abbington House. As an outreach of generosity, we will continue to support children in Appalachia and Nazareth Farm in West Virginia.

Ornament tags will be available beginning Thanksgiving Day. We ask that wrapped gifts and tags be returned at any of the weekend Masses, but PLEASE, ABSOLUTELY NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 9. This deadline date assures us that everyone on the giving tree receives their gift/gifts on or before Christmas Day. Let’s help others to have a very Merry Christmas!

As in past years, please be sure to register your name and tag number on a sign-up sheet located on the tables near the trees. 

We thank you in advance.




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The cost is $20.00 per person and includes a "varie-tea of light fair, cookies and flavorful tea.

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