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As we all witness construction of the all day kindergarten structure we are still receiving questions on “How do I fulfill my pledge?” There are a few ways to begin or continue fulfilling your pledge:

First: You can use your on line giving account through the parish website.
Navigate to the “Serving Mission” link and set up your own program of charging your account weekly, monthly or annually.

Next: If you do not yet have an online giving account it is easy to set one up! Go to the parish website and click on the “On Line Giving” link and follow the easy instructions. You can then set up your Serving Mission program by weekly, monthly or annual contributions. Special pink envelopes designed for the “Serving Mission” are available at the Faith Network Desk. You can pick up as many as you like and place your contribution, either check or cash, in the envelope. Then fill out the information on the front (Envelope # if you know it). These envelopes can be dropped in the Sunday collection, turned back in to the Faith Network Desk, dropped off or mailed to the parish house. Using these envelopes assures that your gift will go towards the “Serving Mission“ only.

It is not too late to register a pledge! It is also not too late to order memorial paver bricks as part of a pledge! Pledges and paver info can be placed in the new drop box at any time. Please pray for the continued success of our campaign.

If you have any questions or need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us a or call co-chair Jerry Pisano, directly at 847-323-9011.


Paver Form
Click Here for a Printable Copy of the Form


Serving by Changing and Growing Mission
Paver Bricks Can Be Ordered Now

Any parishioners who wished to order paver bricks as part of their pledge and have satisfied the $500 donation level for each brick, may order them now. An order will be placed within the next few weeks.

You can pick up the Paver Brick order form at the Faith Network Desk or the Parish House. Follow the simple instructions and return the completed form to the Desk or Parish House. Those who have already submitted their desired wording, need not fill out a form. A proof will be provided for approval before the bricks are engraved.

The Serving Mission Committee

         Click Here for a Fill in Pledge Form

"This pledge card can be filled in and emailed to or printed and dropped in a collection basket or at the Faith Network Desk or the Parish House."

“Changing and Growing We Choose to Serve” Update

In late September, Father Mario introduced a 3-year strategic plan established by the Parish Pastoral Council titled “Changing and Growing We Choose to Serve”. It is limited to three important issues that are in some ways global, but also need attention here at home in our parish of St. Walter. These three missions are:

  • Mission #1 Reach out and better minister to our young adults.
  • Mission #2 Reach out to young families and better engage them in parish life.
  • Mission #3 Enhance our early childhood educational opportunities, better accommodate our many active ministries and refresh our worship space.

Strategic plans have a reputation of “fading away” for several reasons, but mostly because they try to address too many issues at once, lack transparency and fail to measure progress leading to volunteer frustration. That has not and will not happen here at St. Walter parish. We intend to publish bimonthly updates in the bulletin and on the parish website. This is the first.

Three Task Force teams have been formed and are functioning and planning their strategies and actions. Each Task Force has a Parish Pastoral Council liaison.

Task Force #1 was formed by 4 interested young adults. Parish Council liaison, Jim Salter is planning introductory meetings with a focus on listening to their needs and ideas as to how St. Walter parish can minister to them.

Task Force #2 is composed of three energetic young couples with children who were discerned by Fr. Mario and a Parish Pastoral Council representative. They along with their Parish Council liaison Tawnia Nowakowski, have already been hard at work meeting with and querying young families at Baptism preparation sessions and at the recent New Families Breakfast.

Task Force #3 has been meeting for several months. Parish volunteers and staff with experience in construction, remodeling, Village of Roselle issues, early childhood education, fundraising and past St. Walter missions have gathered on several occasions. The end result was the proposal to construct an all-day kindergarten structure and subsequently a connected preschool facility, to renovate the soon to be dedicated Guiney Center and refresh our worship space. A generous and enthusiastic response to Fr. Mark’s historical remarks and Fr. Mario’s Commitment Weekend plea have allowed the parish to prepare a proposal for presentation to the Diocese of Joliet in February. Jerry Pisano acts as Parish Council liaison.

Future updates will be brief but informative. Please watch for them and keep your interest high! You may direct any questions to

As planning and actions continue, we ask for your prayerful support of our missions.

On behalf of the Parish Pastoral Council,
Jerry Pisano



Pledge Payment Envelopes
Available at the Faith Network Deck


HOW TO ???

Make/Set Up a Pledge or One Time Donation Online

SERVING Mission will officially begin on December 9, 2017 and continue for 3 years ending on December 8, 2020.  It is the goal to have all payments/pledges completed by that end date.  Of course the sooner the better. 


  1. To make your periodic pledge payments online using either your credit card or bank account you must be a registered user.  You can be a current Online Giving user making your regular donations or you can register and become an Online Giving user by following the directions to “Create a New Account.
  2. Once your status is established, log into the system—a link is available on the right side of the St. Walter Web  The system will take you to your personal “Home Page”.
  3. Click on the link to “Give a New Gift.  You will be directed to a list of all the available gift options and the “Serving Mission” will appear at the top. On the right side of the page click on “Select Gift Type” and select “Pledge”.
  4. You have 2 choices at this point (1) you determine your periodic donation plan or (2) have the online system determine your periodic donation by clicking on the “Pledge Calculator”.
  5. Complete the Pledge form.  (1) Pledge Amount (2) Initial Down Payment if any (3) Date of Initial Payment (4) Start Date to begin donations (5) Donation Frequency (6) End Donation Date-when donation is to be completed. The “Pledge Calculator” will determine your periodic donation based upon the information you have entered.
  6. Enter the method of payment (automatic bank account withdrawal or credit card) for both the down payment and the periodic donation. Click “Next” on the bottom right side.
  7. Review all info on screen and the click on “Confirm”.
  8. Click on “Finish”   You many now check your “Give” page to check you “current gifts” to insure your pledge has been processed.



To make a "Serving Mission payment using your credit card or bank account you must also be a registered user.  You can be a current Online Giving user making your regular donations or you can register and become an Online Giving user by following the directions to “Create a New Account.

Once your status is established, log into the system—a link is available on the right side of the St. Walter Web  The system will take you to your personal “Home Page”.

Click on the link to “Give a New Gift.  You wiil be directed to a list of all the available gift options and the “Serving Mission” will appear at the top. On the right side of the page click on “Select Gift Type” and select “One Time”.  Complete all information.

Q & A

Serving by Changing and Growing


Q. Where would the kindergarten building be located?

A. It would be just west of the Ministry Center on Pine Avenue near the space used for Christmas tree sales. The second phase would add the pre-school Early Learning Center connected to the Kindergarten. The design would be in an L shaped configuration extending behind the back of Wagner Hall.

Q. What do you envision the cost of the project?

A. The Kindergarten building and the Early Learning Center for 3-4 year old children are estimated by architects to be $1.3 million each. The entire project for the classroom building, some refresh of the Guiney Center and our Worship space is estimated at $3.0 million.

Q. Over what period of time can the pledges be paid?  

A. Pledges up to three years in duration will be considered by the Diocese in gaining approval.

Q. How much needs to be on deposit in order for the Diocese to grant approval?  

A. Half of the project estimated cost is necessary when the parish representatives meet with the Diocese in February 2018.

Q. Why is the campaign starting now?

A. Some families may find tax reduction opportunities in donating in 2017, others might donate in 2018 and others may spread their donations over the 3 year pledge period. When the February Diocesan approval is achieved we estimate opening the new building with 2 kindergarten classrooms in September 2018. The remainder of the project would proceed as funds and approvals permit.

Q. Can we reach our goal?

A. We are not starting from zero. Capital funds from the Stone on Stone campaign (our last capital campaign) have been collecting interest for us in a restricted Diocesan account.  In addition interest from the school’s endowment fund (Largely funded by the annual Gala) are also available.

Q. Can the funds be used for any other projects in the Parish?

A. No, the funds are restricted funds on deposit at the Diocese and not part of the operating expenses of the Parish.

Q. Can we consider modifying the Ministry Center handicapped accessible?

A. That will be reviewed during the third phase of the project. Technology is allowing modifications that were not available just a few years ago.

Q. Is the $500.00 for each Paver Brick included in the total Pledge amount?

A. Yes, each $500 payment is part of the total Pledge amount, it is not extra.  You may also increase your total pledge amount if that is your intent.

Q. How do I order a paver brick?

A. You can simply make a Serving Mission donation of $500 or more. Paver donations must be paid in full ($500) before or when ordering each paver.  The details of the engraving can come later.

Q. When and where will the pavers be installed? 

A. A firm date is not set but no sooner than the fall of 2018 or when the Early Learning Center is dedicated. The exact location will be announced before the installation.

Q. After I make my pledge payment how do I go about specifying what to engrave on a paver brick?

A. Engraving details are:

- Up to 16 characters per line and up to 3 lines are permitted

-The desired text should be printed and be labeled as “PAVER BRICK”

-The details can be submitted by email to please make the subject line PAVER BRICK

-Details can also be printed on a card and placed in an envelope marked PAVER BRICK and submitted at either the Faith Network Desk or the Parish Office

-Please direct questions to


St. Walter Parish

"Serving Mission"


     Vision for the Early Childhood Center


1.     When will the construction of the new Early Childhood center begin?

Providing that all approvals are received, construction could begin as early as Spring 2018.

2.    Where will the building be located?

The new building will be located on the south-west side of the parish campus, next to the Parish Ministry Center and adjacent to the parking lot.

3.      With the new building enabling an all-day kindergarten opportunity, will that eliminate   half-day kindergarten?

No. It is our vision to be able to initially offer both half-day and full day kindergarten options.

4. What new opportunities will be available with all-day kindergarten?

Full-day kindergarten will enable us to meet the needs of our families by providing an extended day option and also allowing an opportunity for before and after school care.

5. When will registration begin?

It is envisioned that the new building will be completed by the start of the 2018 - 2019 School Term. Registration for current St. Walter families will begin the week of February 26. Registration for new families will open the week of March 4.

Interesting Articles Regarding Federal Income Tax & Your Pledge/Donation to SERVING MISSION



IRA Minimum Required Distribution

If you are over 70 ½ or you need to take a Minimum Required Distribution (MRD) from an IRA you can use all or part of that distribution to make a contribution to the Serving Mission Campaign. Check with you tax or financial advisor as you may have a tax benefit by having the distribution go directly to the Serving Mission campaign. More information is contained on the links below.





Charitable Deduction

If you are making a Serving Mission Pledge payment it may qualify for charitable deduction if you itemize your Federal Tax filing. See the articles below and as always consult your tax advisor.








     SEPTEMBER 2018








Listen to a Podcast regarding 
SERVING MISSION presented by
Fr. Mark December 3, 2017 


A Historical Perspective
of St Walter Church
Final Phase of the
Stone Upon Stone Campaign

Fr. Mark Jendrysik, 1st Sunday of Advent
 December 3, 2017


If you have any questions or need further information, please contact a committee member at or the parish offices at 630-894-894-2461.