Staff/Leadership Meeting

February 11, 2019
Staff Meeting & Leadership Night

Commission Reports


Fr. Mario

  • School and CFF reconciliation went very well with serveral priests.
  • Christms season programs, parties and events for school, CFF, staff parish, etc. went very good also.  The parish Christmas party were mostly attended by young families which was a breath of fresh air !
  • The very first Dioces of Joliet Simbank Gabi evening Mass here hosted by our SWFM St. Walter Filipino Ministry, was attended by more than 500 people ! Such a great success !
  • The Christmas Eve and Day Masses we have were all packed !  more than 1,000 more people attended  than in 2017.  Great job staff and Advent Team.
  • Thanks to Father Clive and wonderful staff for holding the fort when I was away !
  • Discovery Retreat went very well !  Great job Tom and youth team !
  • Jorge has been hird as part time weekend coordinator of the screens.0
  • Our 2nd Stewardship of Treasure Comitment Weekend went very well !  Thanks to the deacons for preaching about the stewardship of treasure a weekend before.  Thanks also to Dick Day and Jerry Pisano for coordinating the Online Giving campaign.
  • The 2nd State of the Parish report has been made public and has be received very well.  Thanks to Frances and Donna.
  • Catholic School Week was such a natural disaster. SORRY.
  • Father Clive on vacation for a month.
  • Young Families are hosting an Alpha for young couples.
  • The Lent Team have been doing so well in the planning.
  • The Local Filipino Communities will be hosting a Lent Retreat here on March 23 all day Saturday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.  We will use both the church for preaching and the Mac Center for lunch.


Mary Kathryn Warco-SWS

  • We have begun the registration process for 2019-2010.  So far, we have positive feedback and returning students.
  • Due to the severe cold, we had to cancel school four days during the CSW so we are rescheduing events and activities.  Today was the conclusion of our activies with our Fun Run.
  • With a canceled Open House for new families, I was not sure if anyone would register but we had 16 new students submit paperwork last week.  Our Open House is scheduled for Tuesday February 12 at 9:00 am
  • we reaced our goal for the Fund Run and will have final numbers in two weeks.
  • The school is being evaluated by the state on Tuesday March 19


Maria Pusater - Office Manager/Bookkeeper

  • Completed the Stewardship ofTreasure and Online Giving sign up weekends
  • CMAA has begun.  Commitment weekend is March 2 & 3.
  • Received preliminary number from diocese for the 2019-2020 budget.


Joan Figley - Music Directory

  • Working on Music Plan for Lent
  • Finished Music Plan for Confirmation
  • Chose and recorded First Communicant song for all 2nd grade CFF and SWS teachers. Cancelled February 6 Wedding Music Session due to not enough interest. Couples will attend May sessions.
  • We will have a Music Ministry meeting/enemble rehearsal for Lent music on February 20.
  • I will be attending the National Conference of the American Choral Directors Association in Kansas City, MO. from February 26 -  March 2.


Marge O'Brien - Bereavement & Pastoral Care Ministries

  • Again, this year we are preparing for Lent by offering St. Walter parishioners an opportunity to learn more about all the ministries we offer here by shadowing ministers.
  • The first of several articles will appear in two weeks. It will be entitled "Take a friend or Make a Friend".
  • In 2019, Home School CFF students will be making Happy Cards, Graitude Placemats, Wind Chime Snowflakes, Spring Bookmarks and Grateful Paper Chains for homebound or nursing home seniors throughout the year.
  • Bereavement and Pastoral Care ministers will be preparing to participate in Stations of the Cross at St. Walter Church, Abbington Nursing Home and Lakeview Memory Care.

Tom Hollatz - SWYM

  • We held our annual Discovery retreat the weekend of January 25-26.  We had a great turnout and fantastic retreat! We had a succcessful partnership with the youth ministry from St. Isidore Church.
  • Our January Coffee House was a smashing success! Teen leaders David Anderson, Liam Carr, Michaela Brant and Olivia Hahn did a remarkable job.
  • Confirmation Retreats are being held on February 10th and 17th.
  • Applications for the summer mission trip with Catholic Heart Work Camp are available. The trip will be July 20-27.


Michael Butz

  • Legion of Mary is planning the next New Parishioner Welcome Breakfast for Sunday, March 24 - Vocations Ministry has prepared 160 cards for the Confirmation Classes, including a Prayers for Discerning their Vocations at the request of Mrs. Warco.
  • The SW Prayer Warriors Prayer Chain has been established for the school community where families voluntarily sign up to pray intercessory prayers for those in need. To date, there are 37 Prayer Warriors praying daily for special intentions submitted.


Valerie DellaPenna - Director of Children's Faith Formation


  • Confirmation interviews for Level 2 Candidates will be held from 4:30 pm until approximately 8:30 pm on Thursday February 26 in the church.  Thank you to the 12 staff and parish volunteers who graciously agreed to be on the Interview committee.
  • Our 12 noon Sunday Grade Level Family Masses have been a success.  Approximately 45% of each grade level have been attending on the designated Sunday.  Attendance is taken via the Family Mass Reflection Journals, which are distributed at the beginning of the Mass.  The parents and the children discuss, and then journal, on the designated prompts regarding the scripture heard at that Mass.  Plan is to continue this into 2019-2020.
  • We are in the final stage of the evaluation of new textbook bor both the "Family Centered Catechesis" and "Children's Faith Formation" programs.  Additionally we are evaluating the necessity of offering a Saturday CFF session when we only have 34 enrolled, not including the Level 1 and Level 2 candidates who currently only come one time a month.  Decision to be made next month.
  • Baptismal Prep Team welcomes Arnie and Lelly Alvarez to our presentation team.


Donna Burke - Discipleship Coordinator

  • Winter Alpha has 35 guests attending and 18 team members.  The Alpha retreat day is planned for March 3 at the Carmelite Retreat Center.  Generous parishioners are providing most of the meals.
  • The Young Family Ministry is also running an Alpha Course once a month on Fiday nights for couples They have 9 couples attending
  • The Missionary Disciples Group is sponsoring the Catholicism Film series on Wednesday evenings for Alpha Connect Groups and any interested parishioners.
  • The College Age Student Communications Team sent out 20 Christmas packages and 21 Valentine's Day gift packs.  The feedback is very positive from those on the receiving end and their parents.
  • The Communications Commission will begin to plan the annual Roselle Raise the Roof event for next fall. It will have a different look this year.
  • The Missionary Disciples Group will be inviting the Community Commission to join efforts in bringing the New Evangelization Summit and the Chris Stefanick Reboot event to St. Walter Parish this year.




Saint Walter Parish
Commission Reports - February


  • What did you love about SWS in 2018?
  • Focus for the year will be on developing a spirit of gratitude
  • Next Leadership Night is March 11th


  • Conversation with ministries to brainstorm new ideas
  • Roselle Raises the Roof Part 3 coming in October
  • Leverage commission resources to support ongoing community events


  • Mountaintop school reported that $31,324 was raised this year
  • Continuing conversations with church in Hopkins Park – looking for ways to help
  • Packing event  was held for Feed My Starving Children in November

Faith Formation

  • Re-evaluating curriculum for both home faith program and CFF
  • Incorporating more involvement with parents in the faith formation programs
  • Mass journals and reflections sheets (distributed at noon Mass) for 7/8 grade


  • Reviewed status of recent push for online giving
  • Reviewed changes in tax law and potential impact to giving patterns
  • Prepared for Diocese endowment meeting


  • Legion of Mary will host the next new parishioner welcome breakfast on March 24th
  • Vocations Ministry has prepared 160 cards for the Confirmation classes. These cards include a prayer for discerning their vocation
  • SWS prayer warriors have begun praying for special intentions submitted for the school community
    There are 37 prayer warriors enrolled to date
    Saint Peregrine care bag presented to Ministers to the Homebound
  • Prayers for upcoming Men’s Cursillo (March 7-10) and Women’s Cursillo (April 25-28)

Pastoral Care

  • Recapped Advent and Christmas successes
    Caroling at Abbington and Lakeview on Dec. 8th
    Poinsettia plants distributed to Parish homebound and nursing home residents
    CFF created over 200 Christmas cards that were delivered to 5 nursing homes and 40 homebound parishioners
  • Hospital Ministry is exploring the possibility of adding two more hospitals (in addition to Amita/Alexian Brothers). The group will meet soon to review their findings
  • New Lenten service projects
  • Shadow a minister program
  • Stations of the Cross at Abbington and Lakeview, also possibly at Sunrise


  • Focus on Gala next week – Feb 23
    Encouraging the community to come and celebrate Mrs. Lloyd and Mrs. Wojda
  • Strategic planning is underway
  • Open house was rescheduled from Catholic School’s Week and held on Feb 12th


  • Selected Lenten reflection literature - Renew Your Spirit
  • Father Richard Fragomeni will be at St. Walter on April 7, 8, 9 for parish mission    
    Will preach at all Masses on Sunday
    Mission will begin on Sunday night 6:30-8:00
  • Stations of the Cross will be offered every Friday during Lent
  • Drafted a bulletin announcement about importance of Explanation of the Mass to be done by Father Clive

Parish Council
      Marissa Perez new member joining Parish Council