Patron Saint: St. Walter of Pointoise

St. Walter of Pointoise lived during the reign of King Philip I in the 11th century and entered the monastery in Rebais-en-Brie at an early age.

St. Walter, a professor of philosophy, was recruited by the King to become the abbot of the new Benedictine house in Pointoise. Walter agreed only on the condition that he would not have to recognize the authority of the Crown.

Feeling overwhelmed by his responsibilities soon after taking office, Walter began his search for prayer and solitude. His position as abbot left him in such high demand that when he did find a place of retreat, he would be sought after and forced to return. Walterís situation only worsened when Pope Gregory VII refused his resignation. He obeyed and stayed there until his death in 1095.

Walter was admired by the monks and laity who knew him for his kindness and obedience. While a novice, he took pity on an inmate at the monastery prison. Walter fed and helped the prisoner to escape.

St. Walterís Feast Day is April 8. He is known as the patron of job-related stress, wine merchants, and prisoners.

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